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Starring connie fisher, australia big game fishing, portavogie fisheries office, piedmont national wildlife refuge hunting, spyglass falls fishers


Lucille Bonds
Thank you.
Comment from : Lucille Bonds

John Chuprun
How do you close the lid on the box? there are tabs on the lower left & right side of the box . It says stay closed tab.
It says lift, insert lid here. How to open where it says LIFT?

Comment from : John Chuprun

Jonathan Bonilla
Ok boomer
Comment from : Jonathan Bonilla

Constance Walker
Thank you! I've learned something new today
Comment from : Constance Walker

Aaron Cermak
Thanks for helping me school my mom.
Comment from : Aaron Cermak

Eldorado Walters
Thanks for tips
Comment from : Eldorado Walters

mike ahmad
Comment from : mike ahmad

Presidential Suite
Comment from : Presidential Suite

Subrat Das
Comment from : Subrat Das

Where We Went
I have been using it worng way till today. Thank you.
Comment from : Where We Went

Emma Green
This is actually really cool I’m gonna impress my mom
And dad

Comment from : Emma Green

James A Fynes
What are the -stay closed tabs for?-Great informative videos. Thanks
Comment from : James A Fynes

Owen J Stephens
Comment from : Owen J Stephens

Anthony Craig
i already knew
Comment from : Anthony Craig

Black Hawk
Thank you.
Comment from : Black Hawk

Ahmed Al-Saeed
Loool thanks man 😂😂 i have been suffering from this and now i got it - ur way of explaining is amazing
Comment from : Ahmed Al-Saeed

Mia Bir
Comment from : Mia Bir

nope known of this for years
Comment from : broncoschic65

Aluminium foil hats beating by secret side clips which are saying "push here".😂
Comment from : JAAPIOJO

Erik Moore
Great video. I have always loved your content
Comment from : Erik Moore

Alma Orsua
please heel to rock and roll
Comment from : Alma Orsua

Jennifer W
Yes, I knew. All of those have the closure, including plastic wrap.
Comment from : Jennifer W

mary wigmore
Thsnk you.
Comment from : mary wigmore

Was that before or after you pulled off your aluminum foil helmet
Comment from : MR BOSTON

Haru Koyama
Do you have a way to sandwich roll the two material you have in your video super tight like the original package????
Comment from : Haru Koyama

The One Where I Say
Thumbs up 2/10/2019. I have to see if those tabs are on the Great Value brands from WalMart.
Comment from : The One Where I Say

Jattan 7
What he did..
Comment from : Jattan 7

SlaZy Soc
vodca bottle
Comment from : SlaZy Soc

Jennifer Heinze
I just showed my mom this and she's shook lol
Comment from : Jennifer Heinze

shelli rose
This changed my life
Comment from : shelli rose

Piyush Dharmadhikari
Thanks Bro.
Comment from : Piyush Dharmadhikari

Thank you for letting us know I didn't know that at all
Comment from : Mari

aryan Moon
VERY nice 🤚👌👌I
Comment from : aryan Moon

the merrigans
Comment from : the merrigans

Roopu L
can sum one say how to open my jammed roll of foil papper.
Comment from : Roopu L

Ajaykumar Agarwal
What is the mtr of this foil paper
Comment from : Ajaykumar Agarwal

Pearson Oinam
U r wasting aluminum foil 😕😕😕
Comment from : Pearson Oinam

I think I violated my aluminunununm foil.
Comment from : janschutz174

Thumbs up from me!
Comment from : 05Rudey

Jacqueline Wood
Thank you
Comment from : Jacqueline Wood

Analiza Reyes
Thank you,,, I've learned it correctly,,, it helps a lot
Comment from : Analiza Reyes

Nahid Bappi
Comment from : Nahid Bappi

anna foxie Lewis
Comment from : anna foxie Lewis

jj aa
thank sir for using
Comment from : jj aa

sanjay kumar singh Singh
i knew it!!!
Comment from : sanjay kumar singh Singh

Boss Time
good i didn't know that
Comment from : Boss Time

Now, did you just throw that foil away?
Comment from : oriday64

sabina yasmin Alfaruque
Completely awesome! I have been struggling since long, tons of thanks!
Comment from : sabina yasmin Alfaruque

Kim see Khoo
thanks for this
Comment from : Kim see Khoo

Einstein Nerd
You got a 'like' from me!
Comment from : Einstein Nerd

Sehar Hassan
Comment from : Sehar Hassan

Comment from : Penyintas

Frances Conant
Dear Taras, you just taught something to a 94-1/2 year old lady in Califoria. Thank you!
Comment from : Frances Conant

gayle saxton
I love you can you come to melbrne for a meet and greet
Comment from : gayle saxton

Comment from : HUHBOY LYX VLOGS

Jaide Strykr
I've done it right yay!!!
Comment from : Jaide Strykr

Sience Tech
thks .
Comment from : Sience Tech

Jerry Grealish
I have always done that
Comment from : Jerry Grealish

Mi Gi
Always the best advice from CrazyRussianHacker, and safety gear is a must! Totally adore the accent
Comment from : Mi Gi

David Goodwin
This wasn't news to me - but then I tend to read instructions. Great videos though.
Comment from : David Goodwin

Ferrari 488
i have done that my whole life its pretty easy
Comment from : Ferrari 488

R. T.
Thanks, I didn't know about the tabs :) . If you keep the lid closed when you tear it off is even easier :)
Comment from : R. T.

Comment from : just_woodsie

c munty
good one comrade
Comment from : c munty

Myriam Sackes
Wow, I am 51 years old and I never new this. Very helpful.
Comment from : Myriam Sackes

Penny Giller
Used the coke can for grease this week...ty.....this one is awesome too...never pushed the flaps in in my life.....who knew! Now I do....ty.
Comment from : Penny Giller

Philipe Ogle
used it for years, and to be honest, never noticed, you got me.
Comment from : Philipe Ogle

saffy blu
get out! They ALL have those! I never knew that! Thanks lots!
Comment from : saffy blu

Peter Knight
Same here, never checked the end of the packaging. Thanks.
Comment from : Peter Knight

Shann Ruggles
ThankYOU!!!😉😄I've Never Noticed That Before; Thank you Very Much!!!☺ GOD BLESS YOU!! ☺
Comment from : Shann Ruggles

Brian Hamel
Mine doesn't have it
Comment from : Brian Hamel

James Worsen
Thanks for sharing my brother, I found the inexpensive brands to have those tabs however, my wax paper roll did not.
Comment from : James Worsen

Comment from : williamfarver

Johan Jacobs
Very good tips, but you do it wrong to!! When you pull out the foil or glad rap the flap is supposed to be closed to guiding the wrap and hold it in place so you tear off a perfect cutt peace
Comment from : Johan Jacobs

Simon Sykes
it's DRAW sized! ... You put it in the FRONT of the draw and can then pull what you need then tear on the draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Simon Sykes

Thor Dehr
Some people are amazed when reading the directions and finding out something for the first time that most everyone else already knows.
Comment from : Thor Dehr

Comment from : Howard

Comment from : ChickenBhunaHot

I guess you don't have the capacitor to teach me how to make a battery out of it.
Comment from : Grandfather_Din_Racket

Sandria Basile
That's how I've always used my foil and plastic wrap. When I do use it. 😄
Comment from : Sandria Basile

Now I already knew this. But ya know, this leads to the question, "Why doesn't the manufacturer punch the cardboard tabs in at the factory?"
Comment from : FriedAudio

Conner Ingram Black
Over not under! Aaaaaaaagh!
Comment from : Conner Ingram Black

Nirmal Shaji
Thank you very much i love you crazy russian hackar
Comment from : Nirmal Shaji

I can't believe so many people don't even bother looking at their box enough to see these. :/
Comment from : OhSoUnicornly

Roy Rosales
Thanks. I never paid attention to the box!
Comment from : Roy Rosales

herb vonderau
dis ees betty smot...you are good guy..and you got cool president
Comment from : herb vonderau

Phelix Kelevra
Went into this video thinking I knew everything I needed to know about this... I was wrong...
Comment from : Phelix Kelevra

блин.. моя жизнь никогда не станет прежней..
Comment from : shoutitallloud

Comment from : AgilityBorderCollie

Brad AmeerBeg
Had to thumbs up, cos even my el-cheapo version has it.....
Comment from : Brad AmeerBeg

i always do it right
Comment from : ThePhrenzy

Super Vortex
well derr....
Comment from : Super Vortex

Steven Crohn
Thanks for pointing that out! :-)
Comment from : Steven Crohn

5173 1300
LOL! I have been using this stuff for years and never knew these existed! Spaceba!
Comment from : 5173 1300

Another helpful hint for aluminum foil:
Pull out the desired amount.
Close the box lid over the foil.
Run your hands along the edge of the box lid right above the serrated edge to score the sheet.
Pull firmly downward from the middle of the loose end of the sheet while holding the box lid down with the other hand. ( It helps to have the box on the edge of a table or countertop.)
The sheet will come away evenly and easily every time.

Comment from : GreenmanDave

i never did because the flaps never break. the box just pushes in. screw it. don't want to deal with them!
Comment from : danz409

Richard keith
no I haven't because I'm not retarded
Comment from : Richard keith

Tommy Estridge
Been doing this for years.
Comment from : Tommy Estridge

Matthew Tilley
Master cutter.
Comment from : Matthew Tilley

Lorenza Miguel
good info know i can open it much easier
Comment from : Lorenza Miguel

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